Hi all,

We are currently trying to find female actors for our next project, "Satanimation". We won Best Short Film at the HP Lovecraft fest a couple years ago with our debut "Dumbshow" and wanted to make another awesome short for that bitchin audience. Seriously, that crowd is the best. Below is the casting call and we appreciate any replies. We are not looking for "actors" but rather people who want to be in a fun, low-budget, 80s slasher movie. Thanks for anything and everything!

Production Title: Satanimation
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Project length: Short film (28 mins)
Production location: Portland, OR
Production company: Films Random
Director: Jason Hooper & Gregory Boone
Producer: Jason Hooper, Edward Macomber, & Gregory Boone
Casting Director: Gregory Boone
Shooting location: Pacific University, Forest Grove
Compensation: No
Auditions: TBD according to actor’s schedules
Shooting schedule: Winter 2015-2016 according to cast and crew availability

Award winning production company, Films Random, is starting work on their next production. “Satanimation” is a short film about college students trying to survive a rotoscoped slasher monster their art professor accidentally unleashed on the campus. As more students are slain and re-animated as followers of the Cartoon Slasher, Suzanne must lead the small band of survivors into battle against their animated, demonic foes.
Satanimation blends your typical live action slasher flick with a dash of animation á la “Take On Me” and “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”.

Character BIOS

Suzanne is an art student with an affinity for the gruesome. She witnesses the occult ritual that brings to life her art project and is the only person capable of destroying it. Suzanne teams up with TOMMY, the class’ still life model for the evening, to save the survivors from the animated terror stalking them.

A naïve, mousy girl, she is just trying to pass her classes at any cost. Mr. Fisk invites her to his lair and uses her as the sacrifice to resurrect his dark lord.

Michelle finds herself in a literal nightmare with her ex, Suzanne. After breaking it off with Suzanne, she has tried to push her as far away as possible while still signing up for the same classes. That is, until a murderous lunatic starts hunting her and her classmates.

Female art student 01 is a young woman who fully embraced the Jane Fonda workout aesthetic. Her untimely end is a result of her pushy boyfriend and his reluctance to take their education seriously. Once turned, she engages in a martial arts duel with Suzanne’s sidekick, Tommy.

The villain of this story is a tall, masked monster. He is brought to life and takes full advantage of this opportunity to destroy. He is invincible to conventional weapons and so are his followers. His only motivation is to turn these humans into his grisly disciples.

*Transportation will be made available for cast members who are unable to provide their own.