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  1. The Official 2012 Presidential Election Thread
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  3. Mark Halperin calls President Obama a D*CK!
  4. FOX News twitter hacked, says Obama assassinated
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  6. Amy Winehouse 1984 - 2011
  7. London - Tottenham riots
  8. Earthquake strikes Virginia/D.C. area!
  9. Hurricane Irene!
  10. Morgan Freeman calls Tea Part ~Racist~
  11. Florida is at it again
  12. Michael Jackson murder trial
  13. Donald Trump leaves GOP (will run as Independent?)
  14. George Zimmerman charged in Trayvon Martin killing
  15. Bill O' Douche' says ~The Folks want stuff~?
  16. School Shooting in Connecticut
  17. NRA makes response to Connecticut shootings
  18. Here we go again! Shooting at Lone Star College